Reduce sick leave for workstation purposes


We simulate at 1:1 scale your workstations from your CAD files.

We provide an immersive room to assess your various worktations.

The whole session is done with the help of the HRV team.

NAWO Studio is an interactive physics simulation environment.

It includes virtual simulations based on human motion capture technologies.

NAWO Studio brings a wide range of interaction possibilities with user perception capabilities and manipulation of various components within the simulation scene.

Increasingly frequent disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) account for disorders of muscles, nerves, tendons, bones and joints. They result from an imbalance between the physical abilities of the body and constraints stresses to which it is exposed.

MSDs can occur quickly or gradually after long periods of solicitations of certain body parts. Given that the number of occupational diseases is constantly increasing, it becomes necessary to provide a barrier to this.


Benefits of ErgDesign solution

  • Visualization and interaction 1: 1 scale
  • Immersive virtual environment with real-time listing of postures
  • Reporting applying RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment) rules
  • Risk prevention tool
  • Support tool for change management
  • Improved workstation ergonomics: Reduction of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)
  • Improved safety
  • Design of an ergonomic position from the first try
    • Helps reduce costs and save time
    • Increases competitiveness
  • Anticipate on malfunctions with involvement of employees and partners in the process

NAWO Live factory


  • Immersion Room consists of 4 screens and a remote screen
  • The automatic analysis tool that evaluate the real-time positions
  • Collaborative tools optimizing the interactions between the different members of the working group
  • Working group: Operator, Technical, Workstation designer, ergonomists, occupational physician

Dimensioning Interface

NAWO Studio provides a real-time interface with color reports for easy reading




« NAWO Studio make you aware of workstation necessary adjustments to ensure the right level of safety or to reduce MSD risks for operators. »
« NAWO Studio allow to share workstation design with all stakeholders. »


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