Virteasy birth


VirTeaSy Birth is a complete obstetric simulator

Combining technologies and learning techniques, this system offers an innovative, safe and appropriate way of training.

Childbirth's training may involve risk for the pregnant woman and the newborn

This simulator allows a working session with immersion in the virtual stage in order to learn gesture and decision making without risk for the pregnant woman.

VirTeaSy Birth is composed of:

  • A numerical model of the pelvic organs in interaction with the fetus and instruments (forceps)
  • A physical device allowing the user interaction with the digital model and restitution realistic sensations


A risk-free training for women in labor

The objectives of VirTeaSy Birth:

  • A risk-free training to the parturient
  • Learning gestures and decision making
  • Identification of real situations
  • Monitoring user’s assessment
  • Training courses adapted for each level
  • Training instrumented deliveries (forceps)
  • Learning eutocic deliveries (shoulder dystocia, etc.)
  • Avoid birth for novice obstetricians
  • Avoid unnecessary caesarean sections with better training


ANR project, with :

  • 5 research laboratories partners,
  • Budget 2 470 K€,
  • Duration 39 months.




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