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VirTeaSy Dental is a complete training system for dental schools

With its proven, patented technology, VirTeaSy Dental simulator provides a simulation solution with very high fidelity and reliability.

Limits of "classic" training

  • Expensiveness
  • Limited range of clinical cases
  • Lack of repetitiveness for students
  • Lack of student’s progress track


Simulation pedagogical approach

VirTeaSy Dental, is:

  • A realistic practical and safe solution
  • Training on real clinical situations, from the most common to the uncommon one
  • Designed and adapted for each level
  • Learning loop with ability to repeat as many times as necessary: preparation, simulation, assessment, progress track
  • Many exercises available
  • Easy to enrich

VirTeaSy-Dental-labo-1hrv vts simulation 1

VirTeaSy-Dental-dent-1 VirTeaSy-Dental-dent-2

The link between theory and clinical training

The degree of practice acquired by the students is the main added value of the training centers that integrate our platform to their teachings.

With VirTeaSy Dental, students practice in virtual reality on all types of jaws and dentition, with the widest range of combinations, predefined or scheduled by the teacher to carry out the exercise or practice.


picto-1 The student works on virtual jaws and forms on all dental surgery protocols.


picto-2Professor easily plan the learning path and progression of each. A qualitative and quantitative accurate evaluation of the work can be performed.


picto-3VirTeaSy Dental covers training in several disciplines such as implantology, dentistry, endodontics and prosthesis.


User testimonials

« A wide variety of real clinical cases, from the most common to the uncommon. »
« Customizable learning paths »
« A true sensation of touch »
« An objective and measurable evaluation for each year »


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